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Located just south of Mexico, this colorful landscape is home of 33 volcanoes and it is nurtured by endless rainforest. Unbelievable rich culture of an ancient civilization is preserved in daily life thousands of years later. With 21 unique mayan cultures, traces of history are found everywhere. It is the perfect mix of colonial Spanish rule, infused with traditions of the ancient maya unique cuisine.


In Spanish: /ˌɡwɑː.təˈmɑː.lə/ means land of trees in the Maya Toltec language since it has surreal heavy forests and mountains. Perfect if you are seeking active and thrill-seeking travel or chill and relax in the most beautiful lake in the world


Guatemala Language – Spanish is the official language, BUT 28 to 33 (depending on who you ask) ethno linguistic Mayan groups have kept their hereditary languages alive.

Weather – One thing we can tell you, you are going to have a tough time finding snow. It is often called “the land of the eternal spring” but you can always find chilly spots.

Markets – Sprawling markets in every corner of the whole country where literally everywhere you look there is something fantastic.

Is Guatemala safe? Depends where and how you do it. Learn more here >


Long story short, after the invasion, colonization and dispossession of land fo the natives by the Spaniards, the Guatemala government was always dominated by military. In 1944, they had a revolution and for the first time they had a non military president that started a short 10 year “Democratic Spring”.

In 1962, a rebellion of young officers started a 36-year civil war known as the internal armed conflict. The war ‘ends’ in 1996 bringing democracy to the country, some economic growth and hope.

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One of the top most impressive archeological wonders in the world.

Outstanding for being one of the lungs of our planet thanks to its magnificent flora and fauna.

Tikal is one of the top ruins in the world and it is ONE OF TWO declared UNESCO World Heritage that this all-in-one country has.

Visit Tikal’s Temple IV, the tallest pre-Columbian formation in the Americas.


Make no mistake, this is by far THE most magical lake on earth.

The peaceful and relaxing vibes you get from this place are out of this world.

Breathtaking Instagram sunrise and sunset photos.

12 different cultures and villages each named after the 12 apostles.


Travel back in time and experience the splendors of ancient times in the oldest colonial small city in Central America.

Charmed with the most alluring surroundings and espectacular architecture.

An active volcano (yes with lava) right next to you.

Today is a UNESCO World Heritage site where villagers arrive in chicken buses.


Beautiful and diverse sceneries around pine covered mountains.

Swim in one of a kind turquoise natural pools.

Explore the many secrets of the misty caves.


Chill on a black-sand beach on the Pacific coast.

It is know for the local sea turtle conservation efforts and beautiful sunsets.

Perfect spot for a relaxing weekend getaway.


Home of of many important historic buildings, amazing restaurants and the best museums and galleries in the country.

The most modern and cosmopolitan city in Central America.

Guatemala City was named The Ibero-American Culture Capital of 2015.


Big and bold flavors that come from humble places

Mayan Gastronomic Culture

Pure legacy of the mayan cuisine crafted to perfection over time. The secrets of agent tradition are ready to be shared with the world. It’s food with no rules and you can get it in every corner of a bus station.

Family Tradition & Hard Work

Imagine having a homemade authentic mayan cuisine for lunch. You can taste the generations of mayan culture, combined with Spanish influence and one of a kind talent. Guatemalan unique cuisine is one of the best on the world culinary map.

Local Gourmet Food

Unique dining experiences with serious local epicure cuisine and excellent wine. Restaurants worthy of Michelin stars in the most remote village in the middle of the jungle.

Would you like to taste one of the best coffees in the world?

Here is where underpaid workers produce several of the world’s finest and most distinctive coffees.



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PS: Honestly, if you’re looking to slow down and take a much deserved break from the fast-paced world, this is the perfect place. You can either go to a bland and cliché “touristy” destination oooooor you can indulge in a authentic new experience that definitely gives you a sense of place.

P.P.S. The calm and peaceful vibes you get from this glorious lake is truly an unforgettable experience. Perfect for solo travelers, family vacations during holidays or a romantic getaway (plus it’s really cheap too!). The memories (and Instagram photos) made from this one-of-a-kind destination are something that money cannot buy.

Feel free to contact me if you need any help planing or during your vacation in Guatemala (remember you get 24/7 Premium Support if you book through us). I’ll be more than happy to help. Just email me at sharon@hotelscharloo.com

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